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The joy of simple, natural living.

Tending to our plants makes life better. There’s something special about taking a break from our busy lives to nurture something outside of ourselves. It’s a form of self-care that breeds connectedness because there’s beauty in your garden and the people you share it with. 

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A journey worth <span>nurturing.</span>

A journey worth nurturing.

Your home is about the space you make and the journey you create. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the benefits and joy of gardening, and that’s why it’s our goal to make decorating your home and caring for your plants fruitful – even fun. It starts with our devotion to nursing high-quality, long-lasting plants here at our family farm, but we stay with you every step of the way. 

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Beautiful plants delivered to your door.

Ordering from us.

  • We grow full and healthy plants and won’t ship any plant that doesn’t meet our standards. 
  • You browse our wide, ever-changing selection of seasonal plants, flowers and herbs.
  • You select your new plant and place your order. 
  • We wait to harvest your plant until shipping day so it arrives in perfect condition. Your plants are securely and safely packaged to survive the journey home.
  • Plants ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with delivery taking 2-3 days on average. Please note that orders placed on Wednesdays will be shipped the following Tuesday unless it’s a holiday. 
  • You receive your beautiful plant within 2-8 days of ordering with no mess, severe damage or discoloration.
  • Despite our best efforts, we recognize the chance that things can go amiss on the road. Read our What to Expect page for more details about how we ensure your happiness if something happens to your plant. 
  • You follow plant care instructions for a thriving addition to your home.
Shop Our Nursery
Beautiful plants <span>delivered to your door.</span> Beautiful plants <span>delivered to your door.</span>
Welcome to <br />
<span>the family.</span>

Welcome to
the family.

We go to the ends of the earth for our family, and that includes you!


The journey has only just begun when your plant arrives at your door. We’re here to help you through all of your plant care needs and questions post plant delivery. Contact us if you have any questions.