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USDA plant hardiness
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Plant Zones

What are planting zones?

When you buy a plant, chances are that you’ll see information about plant hardiness zones, planting zones or growing zones. The truth is that different plants grow best in different environments based on their needs. Planting zones tell you which plants will thrive in your zone, or area, year-round.

The USDA breaks the U.S. into 13 planting zones based on average winter temperatures. Each of the USDA zones fall within a 10°F interval. For example, Zone 1 is the coldest zone with minimum temperatures of -60 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the winter months.

What is plant hardiness?

Plant hardiness plays a role in determining what planting zone a plant should live in. Some plants are genetically capable of growing in certain climates that others are not. For instance, environments with harsh droughts or floods can be harder to thrive in.

While you can monitor some factors for plant growth such as sun exposure and watering, temperature is much harder to control. That’s why knowing your plant hardiness zone can help you to make smart plant buying decisions.

What planting zone do I live in?

To get the most beauty out of your home and garden, you can use our hardiness zone finder to find out which zone you live in. You can also view the interactive USDA plant hardiness zone map to learn more about planting zones by state.

Keep your zone in mind when choosing from our plant delivery selection, and reach out if you have any questions!

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