Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen ‘Pink Lady’ Aglaonema commutatum

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The Pink Lady is a variety of Chinese Evergreens with stunning pink and green leaves.  Aglaonemas love warmer climates so keep this plant in areas of your house that are not very cold.  Add a pop of color to your houseplant collection with Pink Lady’s vibrant pink leaves!

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Plant Specs

  • Type: Houseplant
  • Water Needs: water when the top 1″ of soil is dry
  • Light Requirements: low to bright indirect sunlight
  • Characteristics: keep away from pets, air purifier
  • Height: 1 to 4′

What you get

6″ grower’s pot

Decorative pot sold separate

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1 review for Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen ‘Pink Lady’

  1. Kelsey C. (verified owner)

    This plant is one of my favorites from Flora Family! My order arrived with in two days and each plant was safely packaged. I had new leaves sprouting after a couple of months of easy maintenance. I loved the personal touch each package has. The quality is unbeatable!

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