Calathea Pinstripe Calathea ornata

Calathea Pinstripe is a part of the prayer family of houseplants due to the way they raise and lower their leaves during different parts of the day in response to sunlight. The leaves of this beautiful plant have pink-white stripes that look as if they were delicately painted on. With a red to purplish color on the bottom of the leaves, these are sure to be an eye-catcher and add to the overall appeal of your house.

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Plant Specs

  • Type: Houseplant
  • Water Needs: Every 1-2 weeks
  • Light Requirements: Medium to bright indirect light
  • Characteristics: Pet friendly
  • Height: 24-36 in.
  • Spread: 24-36 in.

What you get

4″ grower’s pot

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