Dieffenbachia ‘Star bright’ Dieffenbachia

‘Star Bright’ Dieffenbachia has variegated green leaves with shades of green and white throughout the foliage. It can grow up to 9ft outdoors, but most indoor plants will reach 3-4ft. Moderate sunlight and watering needs make this an easy-care houseplant! ‘Star Bright’ is poisonous so handle it with care and keep away from children and pets. 

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Plant Specs

Type: Houseplants

Water needs: Keep soil with light moisture and well drained

Light Requirements: Indirect moderate light from window 

Characteristics: Handle with care, star bright  sap can cause skin irritations, poisonous if eaten by humans and animals

Height: 3-4’

What you get

 6″ grower’s pot

Decorative pot sold separate

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