Lemon Button Fern Nephrolepis cordifolia

The Lemon Button Fern is easy to care for and even gives off a lemon scent during the growing periods. Compact in size, this fern is ideal for cozy spaces in your home. It will be happiest when watered, only a few times a week or when soil is not slightly moist, and in a humid environment. A spray of water every few days can do the job if you don’t have a humid spot for it.

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Plant Specs

Type: Houseplants

Water needs: Keep the soil lightly moist, mist with water a few times a week

Light Requirements: Low to bright indoor light 

Characteristics: pet friendly, air-purifying, low maintenance 

Height: 12”

What you get

6″ or 4″ grower’s pot

Decorative pot sold separate

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