Rattlesnake Calathea Calathea lancifolia

With long, wavy lime-green leaves and bold dark-green spots, this beauty is sure to add interest to your houseplant collection. Even the underside of the leaves is sure to impress with its burgundy-purple shade. To keep its magnificent color, place this plant in an indoor patio or in a room near a window that doesn’t have the sun directly facing it. We love to combine this plant with Neon Pothos. These two look great together, with the neon green making the rattlesnake spots “strike”.

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Plant Specs

  • Type: Houseplant
  • Water Needs: Medium water requirements, water as the soil dries out
  • Light Requirements: Low to bright indoor lighting
  • Characteristics: Pet friendly, deer and rabbit resistant

What you get

4″ or 6″ grower’s pot

Decorative pot sold separate

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