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What to Expect


We make every effort to ensure that your plants arrive as healthy as possible. From the grade of dirt they’re grown in to secure packaging and a quick delivery, we care about the quality of the plants we offer. We send our plants to your home with confidence that they have been well taken care of. Even so, from extreme weather to unexpected shipping delays, there are elements out of our control. What is in our control is how we handle it.  If, for any reason, your plant arrives damaged beyond the normal stress it can experience from a long journey, don’t worry. Just follow these steps within 48 hours of your plant’s arrival:

  • Take pictures of the shipping box and insert. 
  • Take pictures of the top and sides of the plant so we can see what’s wrong.
  • Email us the pictures and order number at [email protected].
  • We will get back to you before you know it.

Please note that cuts to small leaf stems can occur, but reach out if damage is in excess. We are not liable for what happens after the 48-hour window, but we want you to be successful in your planting adventures and are always happy to answer questions. Simply email us at [email protected] or reach out through our Contact page. You’re a part of the family now, and we want to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. 

We do not accept returns on hard goods but, we will replace your item if it arrives damaged. Follow the steps above and just make sure you email us your pictures of your damaged item within 48 hours of receiving your package.

Plant delivery and shipping.

We ship your plant through FedEx on Mondays and Wednesdays. Orders placed on Wednesdays will be shipped the following Monday unless it’s a holiday.  Once your order is processed, you’ll be emailed your receipt and tracking information. We ensure the safe and healthy arrival of your plant through special packaging designed to keep everything down to the soil securely in place.  Upon arrival, gently remove your plant from its packaging and follow its plant care instructions to maintain a wonderful addition to your home or garden. 

Shipping Costs

  • Standard Shipping: Your plants will arrive 2-3 days from our shipping days Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Overnight: Your plants will be overnighted to you on our shipping days Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Free Standard Shipping: Order totals $100 & over:

Sourcing our plants.

The majority of our beautiful plants are grown and shipped right here from our family farm. However, a few of our plants are sourced from other top growers in the industry to ensure that you’re offered the wide selection and quality that you deserve. We serve many areas, and some plants don’t grow well in our region. In these instances, friends of the Flora Family help ensure that you get quality plants with each purchase. 

On plant quality.

We love plants, and that love extends throughout the entire process of watching them grow from mere seeds and cuttings. We are always improving practices and looking for new ways to give our plants successful outcomes. It’s how we take pride in their quality. Like us, plants are living things. They require quality nutrients in just the right amounts of dirt, fertilizer, water, sunlight and humidity to grow healthy and happy. We cherish the process so you know your plant was taken care of from beginning to end.