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Welcome To Our Family

Meeting anyone’s family usually is met with some nerves and uncertainty. Let us put your mind at ease, we are a fun, crazy, and loving bunch! Our family has been in the farming industry either citrus trees, chickens, and now all types of plants as far back as we can remember.  We are so excited now to be able to share such a big part of our family with you, plants! The third generation has arrived and actively trying to teach the fourth generation about plants. We have to admit they like getting dirty rather than planting. We are a sibling team with a lot of personalities to go around! We have similar tastes but a different spin on our style between our two families.

I am Katie and with my husband, Kyle, we have three little girls. We could not be more in love with our sweet girls, even when they get a little sassy from time to time! When we say we believe in family, we mean it to the core. I guess we accept each other where we are and love each other for who they are and not who we want them to be. It is exciting to share with you “our time” in the plant industry. I want to invite you to be apart of this journey with us!

Hey everyone! I’m Kendall, and with my husband Kyle, (yes, we have a lot of K names around here) and our two kiddos, we would like to welcome you to our labor of love, Flora Family Farm!

My family has been growing plants since long before I was born. Growing up, dinner table conversations often revolved around irrigation or what plant was going to be a hot seller that year. I’m thrilled to be able to put my mark on the family business and deliver quality plants and goods to you! 

If you’re still reading, welcome to our Flora Fam! We look forward to continuing the conversation and sharing all things plants, home, and family!